Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I'm sure that a lot, a lot, a looot of the stuff I'd love to make at my shop are things I am personally obsessed with--and you know, why shouldn't they be?!

Well, anyway--I love Mexican food. In fact, I lived in the Yucatan for a semester in college, and I adored all the lime and habañero eaten as condiments with meals. And I loved, loved, loved drinking horchata with lunch. For those of you, readers, who are not familiar with this wonderful beverage, horchata may look like milk, but it's actually not milk at all. It a rice drink flavored with cinnamon, served cold. It's sweet, but like, say, chocolate milk, people still drink it alongside their meal, not as dessert. I love it ice cold with some spicy fish tacos, just like my host mom, Doña Carmita, made them. Mmm!

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